Thursday, March 3, 2011

Athenry and the Irish War of Independence 1919-1921 part 3: Other Events by Ronan Killeen

This is a timeline from the Irish Times Archive
The County Court Judge Doyle K.C, at Galway on Monday, made the following award to the applicant for compensation of criminal injuries to Patrick Tyrrel, Knockbrack, Athenry for £40 and costs and expenses, for gunshot wounds received when a shot was fired into the house of his father employed by Major Hall.

John Fury, M.Joyce and Michael Glynn (sen) were arrested and charged for purchasing rifles.

Mail car from Athenry to Loughrea was held up at Poolnabooney at 2 a.m. and a boy containing letters from Athenry to Craughwell taken.

At 10:30pm a steward living in the Athenry district received a letter, warning him if he had not left his employment within three days he should abide by the gun.

11:30pm two shots were fired into a house in the Athenry district. Stones also thrown through the windows. No person was injured.

Four police cyclists that were protecting a farmer got ambushed by a body of armed men, who ambushed them on the road, on Sunday. One of the policeman was shot in the leg and another policeman was disarmed. Other police in the party escaped uninjured.
   Two arrests were made yesterday-Michael and Patrick Burns, farmers sons, Newcastle, Athenry and conveyed to Galway under heavy military escort to await trial on charge of shooting constable O’Brien, who received several shots in the leg, while accompanying Mr. W.Hutchinson and his bodyguard of four armed policemen on bicycles passed a certain point on the road, gun shots were fired, and Constable O’Brien, who brought up the rear, fell wounded. Immediately a group of men crossed the well and took the carbine fro the other constable, there after disappearing in the adjoining fields. No shot was apparently fired at Mr.Hutchinson, who is a landowner at Ballybane, Monivea.

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