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Athenry and the Easter Rising 1916 part 3: Internment 1916 by Ronan Killeen

cAfter the Easter Rising 1916 the leaders and Irish Volunteer's that were arrested were sent to internment camps in Wales and England. They were released in December 1916. I have gathered a bunch of books together and put the person with the occupation who were in interned. I am open to correction.

The men of Frongoch...

Barrett, James, Painter, Athenry.

Barrett, Michael, Painter, Athenry.

Barret, C., Painter, Athenry.

Burns/Byrnes, Michael, Lackla (Lackagh?).

Burke, Stephen, Farmer's son, Carrontubber (Carrowtubber?).

Burke, William, Farmer's son, Carrontubber (Carrowtubber?).

Cahill, Michael, Herd's son, Farnablake.

Cahaleen/Callanan, Pat, Farmer's son, Castle Ellen.

Cualfield, Chris, Temporary Postman, Boyhill

Cleary, Joseph, Plasterer, Athenry

Cleary, Thomas B., Plasterer, Athenry

Cleary, Thomas (jr), Plasterer, Athenry

Cleary, John,

Connolly, John, Farmer's son, Cashla.

Connolly, Patrick, Farmer's son, Tydaxon (Tysaxon?)

Connolly, Robert, Farmer's son, Currantarmud.

Commons, Michael,

Commons, William

Connell, Thomas

Coreen/Cureen, Joseph, Farmer's son, Boyhill.

Costello, Martin, Farmer's son, Gortroe

Costello, Michael, Farmer's son, Gortroe

Cowley/Cawley, Martin, Labourer, Athenry

Cullinan, John/ John Joe Cullinane, Mountbrowne

Cuniffe/Caniffe, Michael, Labourer, Athenry

Daly, Mat,

Dunleary, Pat

Dunleavy, Michael, Farmer's son, Ballygurrane
Egan, Thomas, Labourer, Athenry

Fahey, George, "boots," Athenry Railway Hotel (Boots is a Scottish term for a railway porter)

Fahey, John,

Fahey, Peter

Fahey, Laurence, Labourer, Deerpark.

Feeney/Franey, William, Farmer's son, Derrydonnell.

Freaney/Franey, Michael, Farmer's son, Derrydonnell.

Farrell, Michael, Labourer, Turloughbanagher (Turloughalanger?)

Galvin, Jeremiah, Labourer, Knockbrack.

Gardiner, John, Farmer's son, Knockbrack.

Gardiner, James, Farmer's son, Knockbrack.

Glynn, James, Farmer's son, Currantarmud.

Good, Michael, Labourer, Athenry (discharged)

Grady, Michael, Farmer, Athenry.

Grealish, John,

Grealish, Thomas, Shop Assistant, Athenry.

Hanniffy, Joe, Farmer's son, Rathgorgan.

Hassett, Daniel, Farmer's son, Lenamore.

Healy (1), Michael, Farmer, Kingsland.

Healy(2), Michael,

Healy, Patrick, Farmer's son, Newcastle

Henehan, Patrick,

Henehan, Peter

Higgins, Pat, Farmer, Lisheencoyle (Lisheenkyle?).

Higgins, William, Famer, Lisheencoyle (Lisheenkyle?)

Ho----, Michael, Farmer, Athenry,
Hynes, Martin, Mason, Athenry

Jordan, Patrick, Farmer, Newcastle

Jordan, Stephen,

Joyce, Michael, Farmer's son, Carnane (Carnaun?)

Kane/Keane, Patrick, Labourer, Athenry

Keane, Michael, Farmer's son, Derrydonnell.

Kearns, John, Farmer's son, Derrydonnell.

Keating, Joseph,

Kelly (1), Michael,

Kelly (2), Michael,

Kelly, William, Farmer's son, Coldwood

Kennedy, Martin,

Kennedy (1), Patrick, Farmer's son, Carnane (Carnaun?)

Kennedy (2), Patrick, Farmer's son, Moyode

Kenny, Patrick, Labourer, Athenry

Lally, James,

Lally, Thomas, Farmer's son, Kilbeg

Lawless, Patrick,

Lynskey, Patrick, Farmer, Kingsland.

McKeown, Peador,

McKeown, Joseph, Carpenter, Athenry.

Moloney, John, Farmer's son, Belville.

Moloney, Martin, Farmer's son, Belville.
Moloney, Michael, Farmer's son, Belville.

Mahon, Peter,

Molloy, Michael

Morrissey, Martin

Morrissey (1), Patrick

Morrissey (2), Patrick

Morrissey, Richard

Mullen, Thomas

Murphy (1), John, Labourer, Athenry

Murphy(2), John, Farmer's son, Tiaquin

Murphy, Martin, Farmer's son, Currantartmud
Murphy, Richard,

Nestor, Michael, Groom, Rockfield.

Nolan, James,

O'Brien, , Augustus, Farmer's son, Cartymore (Cahertymore?)
O'Conor, Pat,

O'Reilly, Francis,

Rooney, Joseph, Labourer, Athenry

Ruane, Martin,

Ryan, John, Famer, Ballydavid.

Treacy, Mick,

Waldron, John, Farmer's son, Mulpit.
Walsh, John,

Walsh, Martin, Carpenter, Athenry

Walsh, Michael, Carpenter, Athenry

Walsh, Patrick, Carpenter, Athenry

Walsh, W, Labourer, BIngarra.

Ward, James, Chauffer, Athenry

Whyte, Charles, Labourer, Athenry


  1. joseph m. cawley sr.April 22, 2012

    martin cawley was my father. it is not spelled cowley thank you

  2. Hi,very good post,do you know or have information on an Annie Barrett from Athenry involved in the 1916 Rising, I see there are 3 men mentioned by the name Barrett from Athenry,are they related?

  3. Jeremiah Galvin my Grandfather was of Silverue not knockbrack


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