Saturday, November 5, 2011

A little bit more Stories of Athenry and the Irish Civil War (1922-1923) Part 2: Those Realeased for the Corporel Diviney Murder

There has been a contradiction in the papers about the Corporel Stephen Diviney murder who was possibly shot by the Irregular IRA during the time of the Irish Civil War. One contradiction is that he was shot outside O' Neill's and there other is outside Brodericks house (Now both Kelly's Pharmacy and The Fields of Athenry gift shop were the raiders were shooting into) but after those 13 men were imprisoned in Galway Jail on Nun's Island (The site of the Cathedral) more were realeased in this extract letter from the Connaught Tribune  18 November 1922

Sir- On the 12th of October, we the undersigned were realesed from Galway Gaol unconditionally. We ask you to publish this for those who are Masters in the art of 'spreading the news'. They have gone to extremes to injure us in signing the 'form'. 
We were never asked to sign the form for as stated before our realease was unconditional hoping you will give this space in your paper.


Since the murder of Corporel Stephen Diviney the military authorities to remain indoors after 10pm. The people of Athenry were dis-satisfied with this curfew and stated that no person in Athenry was responsible for the  murder  Corporel Stephen Diviney and the towns-people of Athenry should not suffer for the acts  strangers in their town.

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