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Athenry in the Year of 1865 by Ronan Killeen

In the 19th century there were three directories Piggott's, Thom's and Slater's. Today I am using Slater's directory from an article published on Athenry in 1856. Slater's directory begins about the medieval history and geography of the town but as my blog is focused on the modern history I will skip past that piece.
  In Slater's directory he mentions that 'The parish contained in 1854 4,505 inhabitants, and the town 1,487 of that number' the directory then mentions the people of the town 1.487 of that number' the directory continues of who has businesses in the town of Athenry as follows:

Post Master
James Barrett

Professional Persons:
James Barrett, land agent, and comissioner of affidavits and master extrordinary in chancery.

John Bradish, master of the national school

M. W. Eager, Surgeon

Nicholas Lawless, master of parochail school

John Lopdell, barrister, Prospect House

Hotels & Public Houses:
Margaret Barrett, hotel and Posting House

William Brown, Railway Hotel

Bridget Cannon

John Dunleavy

John Holleran

Timothy Kinneen, hotel

Bridget Whelan

Shopkeepers & Traders:
Joseph Barrett, Grocer and Draper

Michael Belton, Saddler

John Blake, Ironmonger, Grocer and Publican

Charles Blackhall, Grocer and Ironmonger

Martin Broderick, Carpenter

Peter Broderick, Grocer and Butcher

John Burke, Grocer and Baker

Thomas Burke, Carpenter

Michael Collins,  Provision Dealer

Patrick Connolly, Shoe Maker

Thomas Cooney, Butcher

Daniel Culkeen, Car Maker

Martin Daly, Shoe Maker

James Dennody, Shopkeeper

James Fahy, Clothier and Dyer

Patrick Glynn, Tobacconist

Thomas Grady, Blacksmith

Patrick Grealey, Draper and Stationmaster

John Heavy, Publican

Thomas Higgins, Publican

Bryan Kelly, Nial Maker and Leather Seller

James Kelly, Nail Maker

Patrick Kelly, Boot and Shoemaker

William Kelly, Publican

James Kennedy, Gunsmith

Margaret Kennedy, Dress Maker

Thomas Kinnamore, Butcher

Thomas Mitchell, Grocer

John Monahan, Publican

Peter Monisey, Cooper

Michael Murphy, Blacksmith

James Quinn, Process Server

James Ryan, Grocer and Publican

John Whelan,  Draper

Places of Worship and Their Ministers:
Established Church - Rev Mark Perrin, Rector

Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev Peter Curran, Parish Priest; Rev Austin O'Dwyer, Curate

Midland Great Western Railway  - The Station Mater:
Patrick Fallon

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