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Royal Irish Constabulary of Athenry (Revised 2017) by Ronan Killeen

As next year is the European Region of Gastronomy 2018 and the richness of heritage in Athenry,
Co. Galway. I have decided to write about the Royal Irish Constabulary of Athenry. I would like
to thank the 'South East Galway Archaeological and Historical Society'.

In the early nineteenth century Sir Robert Peel MP successfully introduced a Peace Preservation Force (1814-22), A permanent national constabular had finally been established, which in turn became the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) - the ‘Royal’ element being added 150 years ago.
Athenry (the RIC were based at Abbey Row, before moving to where the Old Barracks Restaurant is now).

Recruitment and Training
From the 1840s the Constabulary in Ireland were trained in a similar manner to the military. New recruits were drilled as soldiers, for six months or more, and were even trained in the use of arms and in military movement. The ‘day room’ or ‘orderly room’ in every station differed little from a squad room in a militar…

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