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Athenry Petty Sessions 1919: Suicide Attempt and Wandering Animals by Ronan Killeen

Athenry Petty sessions what was it? The Petty Sessions was a magistrates court were if s

At Athenry Petty Sessions on Friday May 9 before Messrs. Joseph Kilbride R.M. presiding, and S. Taylor:
District Inspector Gillhooly charged PK J. Neylon, Aclare, Tubbercurry, with attempting to commit suicide at an Athenry hotel by cutting his throat with a razor on the 21 April 1919.

Sergeant Regean deposed he received a complaint at 2.15pm on the date in question, and went to the hotel of Mr. O. Judge, where he found the accused in bed, and dressed, with a cut about three inches long in his throat, from which he was bleeding. There was blood around the floor. The witness bound up the wound, and sent for a doctor. He asked the accussed what happened and the accused man replied: ‘I slit it with a razor’ .
   The witness (Sgt. Regan) had found a safety razor on the floor in a pool of blood. Accused was taken to the infirmary in Galway, accompanied by a doctor and nurse.
   Mr. Owen Judge, hotel proprietor, Athenry, deposed accussed had been staying with him as a paying guest for some time previous to this. On receiving a complaint on the date of the occurrence he went to the room, and found him laying undressed on his back in a bed. The floor of the room was full of blood;
   There was blood on the bed clothers, and Neylon, who appeared to be unconscuious, hada wound in his neck about wich there was good deal of blood. Witness admitted accussed to his house at one o’clock on that morning, when he appeared to have drink taken, but he was well able to walk. It was unusual for Neylon to remain in his room until that hour of the day.
   D.I. Gilhooly applied for a remand for a fortnight, as there was another witness who had gone to Kingstown, and who had seen what occurred, whom they wanted to have. Neylon said he had no objection but as to bail, he said his (sureities?) appeared to be doubtful, and he would not accept bail now.

Chairman of Petty sessions: Except they come in here and ask to be rehearsed from their bonds they are bound. I think we might as well bring stand as it is.

D.I. Gilhooly: I thin so. The bails are continuing.

Later one of the sureities named Manning appeared before the court, and in reply to the chairman said he wished to withdraw from the bond. The necessary information was then made by Manning, who stated he feared accussed would abscourd and not keep the recognizans (recognitions?). The recognizances were then cancelled, and accuesed was taken into custody, and remanded to Galway Jail for eight days. According to the google search of decraminilzation suicide. I came across a PDF page entitle Suicide in Irleand Everybody Problem the act itself was not decrimilised until 1993. (I open to correction on what date suicide was decriminilsed in Ireland in ase there is a different PDF)

John Daly, Glenagoggann, was fined 2 shillings for allowing six cattle to wander on the road.

Daniel Hasset, Tunnamore was finded 1s 6d (6 pence) for having an unlicensed dog.

Michael Clancy Monivea was fined 5s for a similar offence. Sergeant Carmody stated defendant and his wife attempted ‘shunling’ (the authour is not sure what this means) and he had to go to his house twice.

The defendant had a farm and he was a munition-maker (Quartermaster) in England, and at this time was getting the unemployment benefit. Michael Mullins an itinerant showman, was charged with allowing his three horses wander on the road at Monivea.

Chairman: Why don’t you keep your horses inside your own domain?

Defendant: I had them on the green at Monivea.

Chairman: That is public property, where the ducks luxuriate (laughter in court). Nice life that which you live?

Defendant: No sir it is hard

Chairman: Listening to the brids singing in the morning, driving along to the next place. What business do you carry on?

Defendant: Swing boats and bagatelle

Chairman: There is no harm in a little gamling (laugter in the court) finded 1s and costs.

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