Saturday, May 26, 2018

Elopement in County Galway by Ronan Killeen

Back in 2013 i printed of a newspaper article from the 19th century it was to do with an 'Elopment'

'Elopment in the County of Galway'

'About three o'clock a.m. on Monday morning, the 27th inst., the inhabitants of the little village of Athenry, Co. Galway, were disturbed from their slumbers by the sound of a carriage wheels driving rapidly over the shingled road and balting at the hotel door.
Presently a loud knocking announced that the parties required admittance. The waiter instantly obeyed the summons,  and the inhabitants of the carriage were ushered in. Fifteen minutes scarcely elasped when a car drove up in hot pursuit, and it became known that Mr. _______, of Castlebar, had eloped with a daughter of the late Captain  _______ of County Mayo.
The car contained her brothers who immediately demanded their sister, which was refused. Pistols were recalled into requistion, and were it not for the timely interference of H. M. McCormack, Esq., S. I. (Sub - Inspector), and a party of police the consequences may have been serious.
The lady, who is only eighteen years of age, and has a large fortune in her own right, refused to leave her partner of her flight.
However, she at last consented, and so the matter rests for the present. The young cavalier having lost his fortune, and being the worse for taking much (of?) the 'native' to drown his sorrow, got into a row with the postmaster who  inflicted on him a severe castigation. The materr will come before the magistrates at petty sessions 

                            Correspondent of Saunders. 

List of Publicans and Hotel Owners/Managers 1856-1936 by Ronan Killeen (Merry Christmas!)

1846 [1] Margaret Barrett, (Hotel and Posting House); Matthias Cannon; John Dunleavy; John Holleran; John Whelan. 1856 [...