Friday, May 4, 2012

Athenry Eucharistic Congress clipping from Connacht Tribune 1932 by Ronan Killeen

As you can see the engravement for the Eucharistic Congress.

As there is a celebration for the Eucharistic Congress coming up I took the liberty of printing out an article from that time:

'The Executive of the Athenry Congress Committee, at a public meeting held at Lady's Well, Athenry authorised a ladies committee to collect funds in Athenry and surrounding districts for the purpose of erecting a Memorial Cross at Lady's Well. The Cross (Crucifiction) will be erected and unveiled on June 26, 1932, as a lasting memorial of this solemn event, on the grounds of Our Lady's Well.'

Elopement in County Galway by Ronan Killeen

Back in 2013 i printed of a newspaper article from the 19th century it was to do with an 'Elopment' 'Elopment in the County of...