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Athenry and the Titanic 1912 by Ronan Killeen

Yes, I agree folks that this should have been done last year but now I actually have source material for
it. Many of us know of the unfortunate Titanic.

Reference: Wikipedia website about the Titanic.

It was in 15 April 1912 when the Titanic sank with over 1,500 passengers. Two people from Athenry were
the following Andy Keane (member of the Derrydonnell hurling team), Derrydonnell, Athenry, and Annie Kate Reilly, Athenry.
   On the 2 May 1912 according to the Irish Independent 'An Athenry woman whose son had intended to sail on the Titanic dreamed three nights in succession that the vessel had done down with all aboard, and she succeeded in prevailing upon him to defer his departure'.
   Andy Keane is mentioned in a text from Jarlath Cloonan's Athenry G. A. A. Story: A History of Gaelic Games in Athenry:

"Gaels from all over the County attended a Solemn Requiem Mass in the Parish church , Athenry in July, celebrated by Very Rev. Cannon Canton P. P. for the respose of the soul of Andy Keane. An enthusiastic Gael and member of the victorious Derrydonnell team Andy was on board the ill-fated Titanic and was drowned with hundreds of others.
   Having decided to emigrate, his sister who was already in America, sent him the far of £8 and he booked through Mahon's Travel Agents, Athenry. Mahon advised him to go on a different ship where conditions would be much better but he decided to take the Titanic. He had with him a dozen hurley's, a melodeon and his County medal.
  The large congregation that attended the mass included all the prominent G. A. A. officals in the County, teammates and representatives of the various clubs. 'The departed comrade was dearly loved by his associates in the movement. At the county convention later in the year the Board presented a potrait of the deceased to his brother Patick.

I can't seem to have any traces on Annie Kate Reilly in Athenry but will have a look in the future again.

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