Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Articles by Ronan Killeen

Dear Readers,
                       For those of you who have read my article on p12 of the Athenry News & Views, Vol.2, Issue 7, September/October 2011 entitled Irish Republican Women, it was my own desicion  not mention the men's names in the photograph. There are two reason's for this, the first one is because of my 480 word limit per article I write and secondly, my main focus was the women not the men. Why women and not men you ask? It is because at the moment I am working on my own Athenry Ladies History which I feel in my opinion is underwritten.
I have wrote about the article that mainly focused on the men in 1916 which you can find in the back issue of Athenry News & Views (Killeen, Ronan, 'Athenry and the Easter Rising 1916', Athenry News & Views, Vol.2., Issue 3, Mar/Apr 2011, p18).
You should find my articles in the 'Reference Folder' of Athenry Library including the picture of the Cumman Na mBan which also includes the names of men as well as women from 1966. As I have said before I am on a word limit of 480, so I do apologise if some people do not get mentioned. If any of you miss an article of mine in the Athenry News & Views it will be put into the 'Reference Folder' of the Athenry Library.

Moving on, I would like to know who could e-mail about a British barracks that would have been out in Newford, Athenry one time. I know that there was an Royal Irish Constabulary hut out there in the early 20th century. I would apprecaite it if anyone could send on information about the British barracks that would have been there one time.

Another, question to the public is - would anyone know about tunnels going between Esker-Athenry during the penal era (18th century a.k.a. 1700's)  which priests would use to escape detection?

Furthermore, anonymous e-mails will be ignored.

Kind  regards to all readers,
                                           Ronan Killeen

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