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Athenry Petty Sessions 1914: Drunk or not and no lights!

Extract from the Connaugt Tribune 14 Febraury 1914.

Soir. is short for solicitor

'Athenry Petty Sessions held on Friday week, before, Messrs. Joseph Kilbride, R.M. (presiding) and S. Shawe-Taylor, J.P. Lord Ashtown sought possession of a cottage, held by Michael McDonagh, at Monivea, barony of Kilconnell. Mr. H. Davidson soir., Ballinasloe, appeared for Lord Ashtown; defendent did not appear 
   Mr. John Egan, stewart, deposed, that the defendants held a cottage at a weekly rent of 1s. One year's rent was due - Possession was gramted and John Keogh, Ballinasloe, was named as special baliff to execute the decree. 
   Sergeant Minchin, Athenry, summoned Patk. Kennedy for drunkness, at Park on January 26th. 

Defendant (Patk.):   I say I was not drunk!

Chairman:  Have you any doubt he was drunk, Sergeant.

Complainant: I have no doubt your worship, there was a young man with whom I placed him in charge to take him home. He came to the barracks to make a complainent about his son, with whom he had a row, and finished himself before going home.(laughter in court)

Defendant: Who did you leave me in charge of?

Witness: A servant boy of Michael Coyne's Athenry.

Defendant: What day was that?

Witness: On the night of 26th.

Defendant: What day of the week was it Friday or Monday?

Witness: I decline the awnser.

Chairman: Wait and we will find out.

Defendant: I say I was not drunk.

Chairman: Prove it. Have you any witness?

Defendant: I will leave it to your worship. It is as good.

Chairman: Was he ever up before?

Witness: Not in the last 12 months.

Patk Kennedy was fined 1s (s =shilling) and costs.

The following were fined for not having lighted lamps attached to their vechiles after sunset.  Wm. Rabbitt, M. Coffey, Ed. Forde, John Connelly, P. Healy,Tim Murray, Constable Courtney was the complainant.
John O'Brien was fined 1s, and 4s. and 6d in costs. ( I believe there may have been a mistake here and that the paper may have been a misprint were it should mean £1 not 1s, 4s and 6d) for permitting a cart, his property to be on the public street at Athenry without having any persons in charge. Michael Treacy fined 1s and costs for using lighted vechile, and his mother was fined 6d and costs for not having her name affixed to her cart. 

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