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Athenry Historic Politcs: Who ran in the General Election of 1923 by Ronan Killeen

This may be a temporary article until I can do more with it - I know I should start of with the General Election of 1918 but the General Election of 1923 is more available to me at the moment:

From January 1919-May 1921 consisted of 73 MPs (Members of Parliament) chosen in the 1918 General election who refused to Westminster and formed the separatist government.  Eamon De Valera became became the DaĆ­l president.
I am going to skip past the 1919-1921 War of Independence and Civil War to the General Election in 1923. In an article from the Irish Times the following ran for election. This will also include those for the Galway area. What I notice about this election is that the occupations that ran were either Farmers, Professors and Solicitors'.


Patrick J. Horgan, Solicitor and Farmer, Loughrea.

Padraic O'Maille, Farmer, East Maam.

Michael Tierney, Professor University College Dublin.

John Broderick, Farmer and Contractor, Athenry.

Patrick Curley, Farmer and Merchant, Killamore, Ballinasloe.

Thomas Dillon, University Professor, Dangan, Co. Galway.

William Dolly, Farmer, Moniview (Monivea? He was mentioned in Paddy Kings Old I. R. A. Witness
Statement from the Bureau of Military History 1913-1921 as part of the Irish War of Independence) Co. Galway.

John Quinn, Solicitor, Tuam.


Patrick D. Conroy, Garafin, Rosmuc.

Martin Finnerty, Knockboy, Colemanstown.

Martin E. Egan, Killnadeema, Loughrea.

James Haverty, Moylough.

Michael O' Brian, Tuam.


Herbert C. Mellows, Journalist, 21 Mount Shannon road, Kilmainham, Dublin.

Louise O' Dea, Solicitor, Eyre Square, Galway.

Frank Fahy, Secretary of the Gaelic League, 25 Ruthland Square Dublin.

Colm O'Cleary, Teacher of Irish, Inver, Rosmuc.


Athony J. Fallon, LL. B., Solictor, Galway.

James Cosgrave, Farmer, Eyrecourt.


Thomas J. O'Connell, General Secretary, I. N. T. O's. 9 Gardiner's place, Dublin.

John McNally, Sawyer, Ballinasloe.


Thomas Sloyan, Commercial Agent, Tuam.


James J. Hoban, Farmer, Kiltormore, Ballinasloe.

Patrick J. Hogan got the most votes of 7, 563 1st preferences.

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