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Snippets of Athenry and the Great Famine 1845-1850 part 3: Those in business in Athenry Town 1846 by Ronan Killeen

I am using Slater's occupation Directory and here is a biography of Isacc Slater

According to Slater's Occuapational Directory of Athenry in 1846 a paragraph reads 'The Parish of Athenry contained in 1841, 4,192 inhabitants and in the town 1,256 people'

Neptune Persse.
Gentry & Clergy
Batemna, Thomas G. Esq. Ivy Lodge.
Blake, Peter, Esq. J. P. Holly Park.
Bodkin, John D. Esq., J. P. Bingarra.
Braddish, Mr. John, Balineraig.
Browne, Mr. Barthlw, S. Athenry.
Burke, Edmund, Esq. J. P. Tyaquin.
Burke, Mr. James, Moor Park.
Burke Mr. Lambert, Tyquin.
Callogy, Rev. Michael, Esker Convenant.
Clarke James, Esq., J. P. Graig Abbey.
Cruise, Mr. Richard, Crossane Grove.
Cullinan, Rev. Daniel, P. P. Athenry.
Cullinan, Mr. John, Mount Browne.
Fitzpatrick, Rev. Wm., Esker Convenant.
Healy, Rev. Daniel, C. C. Athenry.
Kelly, William, Esq., J. P. Rockville.
Kinneen, James, Esq. Carton House.
Kinneen, Mr. Michael, Boy Hill.
Lambert, Walter, Esq. J. P. Castlelambert.
Lambert, Walter, Esq. J. P. Castle Ellen.
Lawless, Rev. John D. D., Esker Convenant
Lopdell, John, J. P., Prospect House.
Loughlin, Mark, Esq. Gloves.
McHanly, Mr. Michael, Athenry.
Maden, Mr. James, Carronakelly.
Mahon, Major. Thomas, Belleville
Perrian, Rev. Mark, Castle Turvin.
Persse, Burton, Esq. D. L. & J. P., Moyode Castle.
Smyth, Mr. Lawrence, Caherfinisclin.
Smyth, the Very Rev. Peter D. d.d., Esker Convenant.
Taylor, John, Esq. Mulpit.

Professional Persons

Barrett, James, Land Agent.
Lopdell, John, Barrister, Prospect House (The same one I believe as Lopdell’s were landed classes).
McCalanan, Lawerence, Surgeon.
Tully, John Master of a national school.

Inns and Public Houses
Barrett, Margaret, Hotel & Posting House.
Cannon, Matthias.
Dunleavy, John.
Holleran, John.
Whelan, John.

Shopkeepers & Traders

Barrett, Joseph, Grocer and Draper.
Burke, John, Grocer and Draper.
Cahill, Patrick, Butcher.
Collins, Patrick, Provision Dealer.
Connolly, Bartley, Grocer.
Culkeen, Daniel, Car Maker.
Fahy, James, Clothier and Dyer.
Grealey, Patrick, Draper & Stationer.
Hynes, John, Chairmaker.
Kelly, Brian, Nail Maker.
Kenneday, James, Gunsmith.
Kilroy, Eliza, Provison Dealer.
McKigne, John, Boot & Shoe Maker.
Mahon, Patrick, Carpenter.

Public  Instituitions
Ramsay, Charles, Chief Constable, Constabulary Barracks.
McChanan, Lawerence, Dispensary.
Smyth, Rev. Peter D. , Dominican Convent, D. D., Superior.
Mackey, Henry, Clerk, Sessions House.
Mackey, Margaret, Keeper.
Cooney, John P. Stamp Office.

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