Saturday, July 25, 2015

Religon in Athenry: The Wesley Visits extract by Ronan Killeen

"On Tuesday 17th, Wesley travelled through Crusheen and Gort to the village of Kilchreest, where he received an invitation from Colonel Persse to visit him in Roxborough House. From Roxborough the Colonel drove him to preach at Kilchreest. 
  Then he returned with his host, 'but the house being full of genteel company', Wesley was out of his element, as he had not an opportunity to speak upon spiritual things. Next morning he had reached Athenry by 6 a.m. 
  On the road he heard that a little girl - Mary Brooke 'had sat up all night, and had walked two miles to see him, so he took her into his carriage, and was surprised to find her continually rejoicing in God'.
   According to an account in the Wesleyan Magazine (1845), she was converted at the age of  twelve, and lived a consistent Christian life in Dublin for more than sixty years.
   He breakfasted in Athenry, had dinner in Carmorris (probably Cahermorris House) and reached Ballinarobe at 4 p.m.

In A History of Methodism in Ireland: Vol. II by C. H. Crookshank a paragraph writes "At Athenry, the Catholics eagerly purchased all the Testaments that were for sale. 

The following extract is from Wesley's One and Twenty Visits to Ireland: A Short Survey by Robert Hare & A History of Methodism in Ireland: Vol. II by C. H. Crookshank

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