Thursday, July 28, 2011

Athenry Land League Part 3: Clippings of those arrested by Ronan Killeen

 In National Universty of Ireland Galway were a photocopy of Peter Broderick's diary is held there were also newspaper clippings from the land legue period put together on one A3 page

All these news paper articles date as far back as the 1880's not present day.
Newspaper article 1:

(special telegram)
                             Athenry, Thursday

Another arrest under the Coercion Act took place here today, the suspect being Mr. A. Keary, a respectable farmer. He was conveyed by car to Galway prison. The warrant charged him with inciting to boycotting.

Newspaper article 2:

________ _______
(from our correspondent)
                         Athenry, Thursday

To-day Thomas Coyne, Park, Athenry was arrested and sent by the 10.30 o'clock train to
Galway Jail. There are eight other arrestes expected in the town. The Rev. Father McPhilpin accompanied Coyne to the jail.

Other articles also mention who were also arrested were Patrick C. Kelly, P.L.G. and Thomas Keary.

In the future I will be making a full article of the Athenry Land League instead of different stories of the land league.

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