Thursday, July 28, 2011

A short history of Athenry Railway Hotel by Ronan Killeen

Athenry Railway Hotel - Courtesy of Brian Quinn 'Athenry Historic - Google Maps'

The Railway hotel was built by the Railway company. It  is a very unique building which was built by the Railway Company. In 1857 Bernard Gunning became proprietor of the hotel along with his wife and servant Catherine Campell. Bernard Gunning was previously a storekeeper for the Midland Great Western Railway who had been beforehand involved in a case known as The Broadstone Murder. In the later part of the 19th century a Mr. Kavanagh took over the hotel.
In the early part of the 20th century the Galway Blazer's discussed who was to be the next master for the hunts. A Mr. Isacc Bell was soon choosen to lead the hunt in 1904.
The staff that were apart of the hotel between 1901 and 1911 were as follows:
Margaret Joseph Kennedy, Hotel Business and Proprietoress, Co. Dublin
Annas Waters Mahe, Housekeeper, Co. Waterford
Susan Leonard, Bar Assistant, Co. Galway
Bridget Dempsey, Waitress, Co. Galway
Norah Connolly, House Maid, Co. Galway
Margaret Kennedy, Cook, Co.Roscommon
Winifred Leech, Kitchen Maid, Co. Galway
Michael Moran, Boots (Scottish term for a hotel porter), Co. Galway
Margaret Mulligan, Nurse, Co. Kildare
John Fahy, Yardman, Co. Galway

Maria Mc Merry, Hotel Manageress, Co. Limerick
Kathleen Darcy, Hotel Bookeeper, Co. Roscommon
Alice Farrell, Hotel Barmaid, Co. Westmeath
Margaret Mulligan, Hotel Waitress, Co. Kildare (She may have changed occupation since 1901)
Dorothy Crown, Hotel Cook, Co. Tippeary
Kate Kelly, Hotel House Maid, Co. Westmeath 
John Fahey, Gardener, Co. Galway
George Fahey, Hotel Boots, Co. Galway

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  1. There is a wonderful picture of the hotel with a horse and carriage outside the front door to be seen in Athenry Railway Station.


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