More Historic Websites for the Athenry Historian by Ronan Killeen

On the website I came across this link which was very well designed by Mr. Brian Quinn. Enjoy folks. If you like Athenry's local history you will love this

Also for the local historian you can find several things on this website instead of going to a county library

Also the Landed Estates in Athenry through the National University of Ireland. Unfortunetly it won't open for me properly but it might for some open Shawe-Taylor: Landed Estate


  1. Hi...I found your blog while doing some family research. My great grandmother came from Athenry... after doing more in depth we found that she came from Cahercrin. I was wondering if you know of any Rooneys, Connollys, or Coyne's that I might be able to get in touch with to try and get more information. Thanks so much! Sandra Ware


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