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List of Family Surnames in the District Electoral District of Athenry in the year 1901 by Ronan Killeen

Below is a list of surnames from the Irish Census of the District Electoral District of Athenry in the year of 1901. District Electoral Districts (DED) are subdivsions of Porr law Union and consist of a number of townlands. Some names are variated. For example *Coniffee  is spelled in Athenry as Cuniffee, *Diveny is spelled Diviney, *Bingham could be a version of Bermingham.
Here is were I got the list from If you believe that your name is varieted then click on the surname of your ancestors family scroll down the page and click on the words Household Return (Form A). You will see the handwritten copy which should help make things clearer for the family historian.

Allen, Baldwin, Barrett, Bidver, Bingham *, Boyd, Brady, Brein, Brennan, Broderick, Brophy, Browne, Burke, Burkitt, Cahill, Callanan, Callway, Canning, Canton, Carney, Carr, Carroll, Cassidy, Caulfield, Caurell, Cawley, Clansy, Clasby, Cleary, Clowe, Coen, Cogavin, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Commins,   Commons, Coniffe*,  Connell, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Convey, Cooke, Coppinger, Corley, Costello, Coyne, Craven, Crehan, Crossen, Curley, Curran, Cureen, Curten, Daly, Delaney, Dempsey, Diveny*, Dobbyn, Doherty, Dolan, Donohue, Dooly, Doyle, Duddy, Duffy, Dullon, Dunleavy, Dunne, Egan, Fahy, Fallon, Farrell, Fary, Feeney, Ffrench, Finn, Finnerty, Fitzpatrick, Flaherty, Flanagan, Flannery, Flannigans,
Fleming, Forde, Fyans, Finn, Gallagher, Gannon, Gardiner, Gennings*, Gill, Gilligan, Glynn, Gorahan, Gradewell, Grady, Graham, Grealey, Grealish, Grealy,* Grogan, Gwin, Hamiliton, Hanberry, Hanley, Hanly, Hanniffy, Hansberry, Hardiman, Healy, Heavey, Hennelly, Hession, Higgins, Hoad, Holland, Hopkins, Hosty, Hughes, Hyland, Hynes, Jennings, Johnson, Jordan, Joyce, Judge, Kavanagh, Kean, Keane, Kearney, Keating, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenny, Kilkelly, Kilkeny, Killeen, King, Kinneen, Laffy, Lane, Lannon, Lardner, Leach, Leaonard, Little, Lopdell, Loughnane, Lynskey, Lyons, Lytte, MacCoy, MacDeiville, MacHale, Madden, Magher, Madden, Mannion, Manus, Marrissy, Martin, Martyn, McDonnell, McGreal, McNamara, McCabe, McCarthy, McDonagh, McGann, McGee, McGinley, McGrath, McHugh, McInerenty, McKeon, McLoughlin, McNamara, Mellon, Modden, Molloy, Monaghan, Monohan, Monsell, Moran, Morrison, Mulkearns, Mulligan, Mullins, Murphy, Murray, Murtha, Newell, Niland, Nolan, Noonan, Noone, O'Boyle, O'Brien, O'Halloran, O'Neill, O'Regan, O'Reilly, O'Dea, O'Flynn, O'Reilly, Page, Path, Patterson, Payne, Peters, Powell, Qualter, Quinlan, Quinn, Rafferty, Ramsey, Regan, Reilly, Rielly*, Roberts, Rooney, Ronoe, Ruane, Ryan, Ryden, Scanfeld, Scully, Shaughessy, Shaughnessy, Shea, Sige, Sinnott, Size, Smith, Smyth, Stenson, Sutherland, Sweeney, Taylor, Tierney, Tod, Toole, Tormey, Treacy, Turner, Tynskey*, Waldron, Wallace, Walsh, Ward, Washerton, Waters-Maher, West, Whelan, White, and Wyber.


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