Monday, January 21, 2013

Athenry Publicans of 1936 by Ronan Killeen

  1. Broderick, J. F., Church Street.
  2. Corbett & Co., Northgate Street.
  3. Curran, Thomas, The Square.
  4. Daly, M, Cross Street.
  5. Duffy, Patrick, The Arch.
  6. Durkin, E. Church Street.
  7. Fallon, Mrs., Northgate Street.
  8. Fox, P. J., Old Church Street.
  9. Glynn, J., Old Church Street.
  10. Higgins, Thomas, Davis Street.
  11. Jordan, Stephen, Davis Street.
  12. Kelly, J. F., Cross Street.
  13. Lardner, Mrs. B., Church Street.
  14. Mahon, Patrick, Cross Street.
  15. Manning, Joseph, Bridge Street.
  16. Nolan, Mrs., The Square.
  17. Nolan, R. P., Old Church Street.
  18. O'Neill, Mrs., The Square.
  19. O'Neill, Mrs. Cross Street.
  20. Rooney. T., Davis Street.
  21. Ruane's, Northgate Street.
  22. Ryan, Miss, Northgate street.
  23. Sweeney, J. M., Old Church Street.
  24. Sweeney, Joseph, Cross Street.
  25. Walshe, J., Northgate Street.

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