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Snippets of Athenry and the Great Famine 1845-1850: A news report from Galway Vindicator on Athenry 1847

 I know I was to put some events of the Great Famine entitled Athenry and the Great Famine 1845-1850: Some Events. While researching on microfilm newspapers today I came across the following article below dated 3 January 1847. Which reads the following:


"It is with pain we again find it necessary to advert to the very shameful neglect of the Non Resident Landed Proprietors of Athenry, towards their unfortunate Tenantry at this dreadful period of want and suffering among them. From the advertisement of the Local Relief Committee in another (? .. word after another is unclear on the paper) it will be seen that an ineffectual appeal has been made to these individuals in behalf of the destitute poor on their properties.    While the whole burmen of endevouring to rescue the unfortunate creatures from starvation is principally thrown on the benevolent Chairman of the Relief Committee, John Lopdell, Esq., with no other assistance than those of the Catholic and Protestant Clergymen of the locality, and a miserable fund of £56, which is at present nearly exhausted.
   It is indeed a matter of surprise how Lord Oranmore, Colonel Sewell, and Mr. Hickman, could exhibit so much indifference to the fater of their starving tenantry. They have, we understand, been several times written to soliciting their contributions, but never condescended to give even a reply, through pressing the payment of their rents to the uttermost farthing.
   Such grossly improper if not heartless conduct deserves public reprobation. We must again tell these parties that property has its duties as well as its rights, and that it cannot be permitted that while vigorously exercise the latter they should exhibit the most culpable neglect and apathy in the discharge of the former. It is not because they take care, except throughout their agents and bailiffs, to withdraw themselves from the wretchedness and misery existing in Athenry, they are to imaging that their starving and miserable tenants should have no claim upon their assistance.
  With as such anxiety as they endeavour to exact their rents they should try to relieve the necessities of their dependents. It is neither credible nor fair to fling them wholly unassisted on the generous benevolence of Mr. Lopdell, the clergy and a few of the gentry connected with the district.
   Let us hope however that as another appeal is about to be made to them in behalf of their starving tenants it will not be in vain. Equity not less than humanity calls on them to render prompt and generous aid to rescue them from their present dreadful privations." [Sic] 

[Sic] means that all words are directly qouted from the original text.

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